2000 Litre Rainwater Tank Installation

Below you will find the instructions you need to install the 2000 litre rainwater tank.

We have included in this guide the instructions for the freestanding as well as the wall mounted water tanks. For those that need a more practical solution we have also provided a PDF download at the bottom of this page.

It is important for all Thintanks™ being the 1000 litre, 2000 litre, 3000 litre and 4000 litre water tanks to stand on a solid base, that will not settle or move when wet.

The water tanks can be laid on sloping ground, along the length of the tank. Surface must be horizontal (LEVEL) across the width of the tank to allow the sides of the tank to be vertical.

2000 Litre ThinTanks™ Free Standing Installation Guide

1. Form And Pour 150mm Thick Concrete Slab, 1000mm Wide With 150mm Overlap On Each End.
2. Use F82 Fabric Placed Centrally 75mm Above Prepared Surface.
3. Use A Carpenter's Level To Ensure The Concrete Surface Is Level Across The Width. (Very Important)
4. Secure Water Tank To The Concrete Using Brackets BSD201 – One At Each End.
5. If Installing Multiple Tanks You Will Need To Use Brackets BSD201 In Between Each Tank

Download The 2000 Litre Free Standing Installation PDF (Opens In A new Window)

2000 Litre ThinTanks™ Wall Mounted Installation Guide

1. On an existing pavement, sloping away from a fence or wall, the surface must be built up to ensure the tank face is vertical and the back of the tank is flush against the fence or wall.
2. Position first tank on prepared base and fix to fence or wall using bracket WB01 each end. Place brackets approximately 1400mm above base.
3. Brackets are required to ensure tank(s) cannot be accidentally pulled over by human effort.

Download The 2000 Litre Wall Mounted Installation PDF (Opens In A new Window)

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