Slimline Rainwater Tanks

Designed for easy installation & space saving, Thintanks™ Slimline Rainwater Tanks are the thinnest available water tank for any capacity.

On the forefront of ground-breaking technology, the Australian Thintanks™ range of rainwater storage tanks has been developed for space-saving water conservation across both residential and commercial applications are now also manufactured in South Africa. Read more

Using the highest precision tooling coupled with high quality materials, our aesthetically pleasing slimline water storage tanks are easy to install. Choose from our:

1000L Slimline Water Tank | 2000L Slimline Water Tank | 3000L Slimline Water Tank | 4000L Slimline Water Tank

For minimal space impact, increased access and functionality in limited spaces, positioning options include:

  • Alongside a fence
  • Placed against a house wall
  • Screen off the backyard
  • Form an internal courtyard

View our image gallery for further ideas. Available in a range of complementary colours, you’ll be sure to enjoy our environmentally appealing, innovative solutions to contemporary water storage.