Slimline Rainwater Tanks

ThinTanks™ are certified, protected Australian registered designs, developed and manufactured in Australia and compliant with all AS/NZ Standards.

The 1000 litre, 2000 litre and 3000 litre ThinTanks™ have been developed using ground breaking technology that is designed to last using the highest precision tooling, coupled with high quality materials.

The Latest Innovation In Slimline Poly Rainwater Tanks

Our rainwater storage tanks are aesthetically pleasing designed to suit any location and can be positioned easily:

• Along side a fence
• Our Slimline Rainwater Tanks can be placed against a house wall
• Use our ThinTanks™ to form an internal courtyard
• To screen off the back yard
• Our Slimline Rainwater Storage Tanks are AUSTRALIAN MADE

The Slimline Rainwater Tank With Minimal Intrusion

ThinTanks™ have been designed for easy installation to any location and can be installed as a single water storage tank or in multiples with as many tanks as required placed end to end or back to back to achieve the desired capacity or aesthetic requirement.

ThinTanks™ Point Of Difference

The worlds best slimline water tank for today and the future.

1. Our range of slimline rainwater tanks are the thinnest available water tank for the capacity.
2. ThinTanks™ are the most aesthetically attractive slimline rainwater tank.
3. The water tank does not have any ugly holes through the body of the rainwater tank.
4. Patent design of cross connectors guarantee tank wall will not bow out to the ugly round appearance of competitors water storage tanks.
5. ThinTanks™ fence like appearance allows our water storage tanks to blend comfortably in any location.
6. ThinTanks™ (1000L and 2000L) are the only water storage tank available that has an engineer designed option to create a Vertical Garden with an integrated irrigation system.
7. Poly constructed walls are thicker than our competitors, compare our weight to any competitors of the same water tank capacity.
8. ThinTanks™ have three tanks available currently, being the 1000 litre, 2000 litre and the newest addition our very impressive 3000 litre water tank. These tanks are suitable for all residential locations as well as business areas.
9. Additional ThinTanks™ are easy to install at a later date.
10. All of our rainwater tanks are manufactured to last – using high precision tooling coupled with quality material, resulting in extra longevity and durability.

Visit our Image Gallery to view a few of our slimline rainwater tanks – single and multiple slimline rainwater tanks. Download Our Thintanks™ Brochure.

Slimline Water Tank Colours

Thintanks™ are available in a range of colours, selected to complement all exterior environments.

WARRANTY: Thintanks™ warrants its slim rainwater tanks by a pro rata warranty for 10 years from the original date of purchase. This warranty covers the original purchaser only and is not transferable. Thintanks™ will repair or replace at it's discretion the tank affected by a defect or fault caused by the manufacturing process or materials. Fading or colour change, damage caused by accidents or misuse, do-it-yourself repairs or incorrect installation, and any subsequent costs (including freight of replacement tank) are not covered by this warranty.