Thintank™ Sizes and Dimensions

Thintanks™ Against Wall / Fence

Make sure the water tank base (width) is at right angles to the wall or fence and not sloping up or downwards away or into the wall. Brackets are supplied to ensure the water tank can not be pulled over.

Thintanks™ Positioned On Open Ground

1000 Litre water tank is provided with 64mm x 64mm S.H.S columns for concreting into the ground. Depth of column into the ground and size of the footing is dependent on type and condition of soil. Embedment depth and diameter to be the same as used for fencing in the same location. The 2000 litre tank, 3000 litre tank and 4000 litre water tanks footings and fixings have been designed in accordance with AS 1170.2 – Region B and covers all of Australia and other Cyclone areas.

All Thintanks™ comply with AUSTRALIAN STANDARDS including AS/NZS 4766 & 2006 Polythene Storage Tanks, AS/NZS 1170.2:2002 Wind Actions.

Our range of rainwater tanks have been designed by a professional engineer using hydraulic design stress of 4.1MPA and a design factor of Safety of 2.

Thintanks™ Sizes And Dimensions.

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Thintanks™ Colour Range.

Thintanks™ are available in a range of colours, selected to complement all exterior environments.

We have distributors throughout Australia and New Zealand to find a Thintanks™ dealer in your location – South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland please go here. If your state is not listed please contact us directly.

WARRANTY: Thintanks™ warrants its rainwater tanks by a pro rata warranty for 10 years from the original date of purchase. This warranty covers the original purchaser only and is not transferable. Thintanks™ will repair or replace at it's discretion the tank affected by a defect or fault caused by the manufacturing process or materials. Fading or colour change, damage caused by accidents or misuse, do-it-yourself repairs or incorrect installation, and any subsequent costs (including freight of replacement tank) are not covered by this warranty.