Water Saving Tips

Water Saving Tips For Householders

Here are some tips to help you start saving water at home.

• Install recommended water saving shower heads in all the homes bathrooms.
• Install a duel flushing toilet system in all toilet areas.
• Purchase a dishwasher and washing machine with a high water saving rating. (most front loading washing machines use one third of the water that top loading washing machines do).
• Place a pool cover over a pool or spa to stop water evaporation occurring.

2. Request information from us about grey water recycling systems for use on lawns and gardens.

3. Never use a hose to wash down windows, paths or driveways. Use a broom to swept or a cloth to clean, if there is stubborn dirt then use a bucket of water with the broom or cloth.

4. Why you should install a rainwater tank, the average Australian home produces enough storm water for the house to be self sufficient. It is not possible for a home owner to collect all this water but by installing a rainwater tank you can a least save some of the water for later use in dry times. Even a number of our local governments have realised the value of this water and are now trying to develop ways to recycle storm water for use on the many public gardens, reserves and even with in industry.

5. For the average garden, there are numerous ways to save water.

You need to take a step back and look at the garden with a different perspective.
• Plant Native Plants & Trees
• Always Mulch Your Garden Wast
• Install Underground Drippers
• Consider Artificial Lawn As An Alternative To Real Lawn, you may find this odd however, it really looks good and is very easy to maintain. ( Artificial lawn has improved dramatically in appearance and texture in the last few years).